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Information Technology

We are a leading provider of enterprise collaboration and portal technologies. We have our own world-class development shop employing the latest technologies and methodologies. Use our managed hosting serice or own your own deployments with our flagship BastionLinux technology.

Offshore Business

We specialise in doing international business. Through the internet, there is major disconnect between live-work in terms of geography, access to skills, and how we work with one another. Consult with us to maximise your returns in your jurisdiction.

Cloud Computing

Our core technologies are available on a number of public cloud platforms and once you have purchased a subscription, any of our solutions may be orchestrated onto your cloud account.

Venture Technology

We are working with joint-venture partners to deliver some world-first Web 2.0 applications.

We are very interested in talking with you if our technology infrastructure would turn your idea or service into a business.

The Group

In addition to our European operations, we are represented in Asia-Pacific through our wholly owned subsidiary here.

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